Privacy policy

D&B aims to provide best in class services to its customers, shareholders and the Australian business community. Critical to our ability to provide a trusted service is our uncompromising attitude towards protecting the privacy of all stakeholders and to ensuring that our data is of the highest quality possible.

D&B is serious about the security of the information it collects and accordingly it employs technical, contractual and administrative steps to ensure that the information is protected against unauthorised access and disclosure. D&B employees undertake training in handling information, with particular emphasis on preserving the privacy interests of individuals and businesses. All identifying features of individual and business data are removed or destroyed once the life of that information has ended. Data quality (up to date and accurate information) is of paramount importance and D&B employs extensive measures to ensure that exceptional standards are met. Accordingly it maintain contacts with businesses, conducts quality review at both the point of collection and at the end of the information collection process and provides prompt error correction.

Driving D&B’s data quality are our D-U-N-S® Number and DUNS Right process. The DUNS Number is a unique, global nine-digit identification code that has become the standard for keeping track of more than 100 million businesses and their corporate relationships worldwide.

Recommended or required by more than 50 global associations including the European Commission, United Nations and the U.S. Federal Government, the D-U-N-S® Number can help you to access and maintain the information you need to manage your business.

The DUNSRightTM; process incorporates more than 2,000 automated and manual checks to ensure that we provide high quality information and solutions that customers can rely on to make critical business decisions.